Nap Vibes

There’s a paradoxical relationship to naps. We wish them, then we remorse them. They refresh us and so they make us groggy. Too quick a nap leaves us wanting extra; too lengthy and we are able to’t sleep at night time. This window of time — the place just a little shut-eye is helpful — is the place utilizing the Apollo wearable on its Energy Nap Vibe will help.

My very own expertise mirrors this napping paradox. My earliest recollections of naps have been whereas watching Saturday afternoon Auburn soccer video games with my dad. We’d each go to sleep and get up desirous to see the top of the sport. (And perhaps a bit grumpy if Auburn misplaced.) Throughout highschool and faculty, naps have been a necessity on account of my way of life decisions at the moment: typically staying up too late finding out or hanging out with pals. (At the very least, that’s what my mother and father thought…) Then skilled life entered, and naps have been now not an possibility through the day. Taking a nap at 5:30 pm was not good for my circadian rhythm. What else interrupted that circadian rhythm? Having youngsters. My two lovely bundles of pleasure disrupted my sleep in perpetuity, for quite a lot of causes. 

Are Naps Wholesome?

In line with the Heart for Illness Management, 1 in 3 adults report not getting sufficient sleep. And, the Sleep Basis recommends a median of eight hours of sleep per night time for adults. If you’re not getting sufficient at night time, a nap is a superb resolution. 

A brief nap within the early- or mid-afternoon can: 

  • increase your reminiscence 
  • enhance job efficiency and focus
  • elevate your temper
  • enhance alertness and vitality ranges
  • ease your stress

There are lots of well being advantages packed into that quick time period. 

When is an effective time to nap? How lengthy ought to a nap be?

With naps, it’s undoubtedly about timing and size. The myriad of articles and specialists recommend anyplace from 15 to 90 minutes, with most suggestions hovering between 20 to half-hour. A 20-minute nap permits for the advantages of a bit of sunshine sleep with out coming into the deeper sleep that tends to intrude at night time. These longer naps is perhaps extra useful to emergency employees or these of us that work shifts. 

One other vital piece is to get the remaining in earlier than 3:00 pm. time is perhaps proper after lunch as that may be a time many people expertise postprandial somnolence — or a tiredness also known as the post-lunch dip. A number of elements outdoors of meals are attributed to this dip in vitality — sleep drive and circadian rhythm. Our sleep drive, which is a pure day by day build-up of adenosine, is increased within the afternoon than within the morning. There’s additionally a pure dip in our circadian sample 7 to 9 hours after waking up, which makes early afternoon an awesome alternative for a nap. 

How the Apollo wearable will help

Napping, like sleep, can naturally happen. However taking a nap at a really perfect time and maintaining it inside the optimum vary might be tough. That is the place the Energy Nap Vibe on the Apollo wearable will help facilitate our physique’s pure course of.

Apollo wearable transforms how you’re feeling by means of your sense of contact, providing you with extra vitality, a brighter temper, deeper rest and higher stream. These soothing vibrations, known as Apollo Vibes™, are like music you may really feel. Utilizing the Apollo™ wearable through the day and night time offers you a similar bodily and psychological advantages of conscious practices (like breathwork or meditation) –  from improved focus and focus to balanced feelings to diminished emotions of stress and anxiousness to extra restful sleep.

Utilizing low frequency sound waves, the machine assists in calming the nervous system to set the stage for sleep. I favor the 30-minute setting as, personally, greater than half-hour negatively impacts my capacity to go to sleep at night time. The soothing vibrations that assist lull me to sleep regularly enhance in depth to slowly wake me up. The general expertise is so significantly better than the drastic beeping of my alarm clock that appears to cease my coronary heart and immediately stress me out. 

I nonetheless have that tendency to nap whereas watching a soccer sport or after a late night time out with pals, however the Apollo wearable retains me from stretching that nap outdoors my optimum window of 20 – half-hour. 

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